SpinQ is Invited to participate in the EU quantum flagship program QTEdu project activities

2022.04.29 · Company News

Recently, the QTEdu project of the EU quantum flagship program has held a series of activities, focusing on the latest progress in educational and teaching tools of the quantum computing field. On April 29th, Dr. Junting Zou, president of SpinQ, and the technical team were invited to participate in the first presentation report of this series of activities, and shared 3 desktop quantum computer products independently developed and manufactured by SpinQ.

spinq-Upcoming meeting schedule

Upcoming meeting schedule

In recent years, Europe is seizing the opportunity to invest in the development of quantum technology. In April 2016, more than 3,500 stakeholders from European science and industry communities jointly issued the "Quantum Manifesto", calling for the establishment of a flagship plan for quantum technology at the EU level. In the same month, in an official document on the "European Cloud Initiative", the European Commission officially announced that it would establish a research project with an investment of 1 billion euros called the "EU Quantum Flagship". The EU Quantum Flagship will focus on quantum technologies such as quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum sensing.

QTEdu is one of the innovative projects funded by the EU Quantum Flagship, which aims to assist the EU Quantum Flagship to create the necessary learning ecosystem to inform and educate society about quantum technologies. The members of the QTEdu project committee include physics professors, science communicators, and physics education researchers from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries.

On the first educational tool demonstration day, the QTEdu project specially invited Dr. Junting Zou and the technical team of SpinQ to give a presentation.

In the presentation report, Dr. Zou Junting focused on introducing the world's first desktop NMR quantum computer "Gemini" (2 qubits), the desktop quantum computer "Triangle" (3 qubits), and the world's first portable quantum computer that will be launched in 2022. Quantum computer "Gemini Mini" (2 qubits). All three desktop quantum computers are ideal for education, teaching and demonstration of quantum computing. They not only have the advantages of running at room temperature, maintenance-free, no consumables, and good stability, but also built-in more than ten typical quantum algorithms, which support users to write and run custom quantum computing programs. Besides, with the quantum computing software and quantum computing lesson plans carried by the machine, it provides a set of overall solutions for quantum computing teaching.

SpinQ-Quantum Computer

Quantum Computer

Subsequently, the technical engineers of SpinQ demonstrated the operating software SpinQuasar attached to Gemini, which allows users to customize and edit quantum circuit algorithms, manipulate qubits, and observe nuclear magnetic resonance to achieve quantum computing methods, allowing users to intuitively feel the operation of quantum computing. Through experience, students can learn the knowledge of nuclear magnetic resonance and quantum theory better, which makes up for the limitation of the current theoretical teaching of quantum computing education, and realizes the teaching method that combines theory and practice of quantum computing education. Students can learn the algorithm examples in classroom teaching, and arrange corresponding computer operation exercises after class, cooperate with computer practice courses, exercise students' hands-on ability, and also guide students to pay attention to these frontier areas, so as to cultivate their research skills.

SpinQ-The Operating Interface of the Gemini Quantum Computer

The Operating Interface of the Gemini Quantum Computer

Participants of the QTEdu project said that as the world's first series of desktop quantum computers, these products will be one of the most powerful tools in the field of quantum computing teaching, and will also make important contributions to the quantum computing education community.

At present, there are very few talents engaged in the field of quantum technology. Under the conditions of very lack of human resources, in order to make progress in this field and occupy the commanding heights as soon as possible, it is necessary to focus on training quantum technology talents. What is worrying is that quantum education is in the initial stage, and various educational products and teaching teams that can be used for quantum education are scarce. From the fundamental level of education, there is still a lack of systematic education and training. The desktop quantum computing series products independently developed and manufactured by SpinQ have simple operation, graphical and intuitive interface, and fully open computing process data. It also solves the problems of high, precise and difficult quantum computing education, and can be extended to primary and secondary education. At the same time, SpinQ has also created system supporting materials such as teaching materials and courses in the field of education, which provides the possibility for the popularization of quantum computing education.