NMR quantum computer 'Gemini' delivers to Taiwan successfully

2021.02.27 · Company News

SpinQ make their first sound at the beginning of the New Year, the self-researched quantum computer “Gemini” has been delivered to Chung Yuan Christian University successfully.

Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU for short), established in 1955, is a private university in Zhongli District, Taoyuan City. CYCU is founded on the spirit of Christian love for the world. With faith, hope, and love, they endeavor to promote higher education for the benefit of the Chinese people. CYCU has 7 colleges, 26 departments, 24 Masters programs, and 12 PhD programs. CYCU has advantages at film research, mould research, nanometer technology, biomedical technology.

SpinQ-Gemini is calibrated at CYCU

(Gemini is calibrated at CYCU)

SpinQ and CYCU get cooperation this time, The NMR quantum computer Gemini from SpinQ will use in CYCU cutting-edge technology research and education. Now the equipment is arrived CYCU laboratory, and finished calibration.

CYCU says quantum computing is a forward-looking application, quantum computer provided by SpinQ has an advantage on learning basic concept and logic of quantum computing, it can widely use on education, popularization of science and scientific research, to help training personnel and developing technology for quantum computing.

Moreover, CYCU is also appreciated for SpinQ detailed service support.

SpinQ launch the world’s first desktop NMR quantum computer “Gemini”, to promote quantum mechanics and quantum computing education, popularization of science and scientific research. It has all characters of quantum computer, like quantum superposition, quantum entanglement. With a humanized software, Gemini is easy to use, it provides multiple typical quantum algorithm for demonstration, support users to edit quantum algorithm and run for the result. Moreover, users can design and engineer hardware-level pulse in Gemini, create self-defined quantum gate. The quantum computing process and the result data are open to users, it is a very friendly platform for non-specialists who aim to learn quantum computing basics and quantum programing quickly.

SpinQ-Quantum computing cloud

Up to now, the product Gemini has been delivered to several famous universities, like Beijing Institute of Technology, University of Waterloo, Chung Yuan Christian University, and more than 20 universities or scientific institutions are looking for purchase.

In the future, Spin will accelerate the development of new products such as superconducting quantum computer, and provide customers with perfect computing power in the era of quantum computing.